action tremor

action tremor

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  • action tremor — rhythmic, oscillatory, involuntary motion of a part during voluntary movements, as of the outstretched upper limb when writing or lifting a cup. Called also intention t., kinetic t., postural t., and volitional t …   Medical dictionary

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  • Tremor — A tremor is an abnormal repetitive shaking movement of the body. Tremors have many causes and can be inherited, related to illnesses * * * 1. Repetitive, often regular, oscillatory movements caused by alternate, or synchronous, but irregular… …   Medical dictionary

  • cerebellar tremor — a type of action tremor in a limb or limbs owing to a lesion or other damage to the cerebellum, such as from a stroke, a tumor, or a disease such as multiple sclerosis …   Medical dictionary

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  • Essentieller Tremor — Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich mit dem Krankheitssympton Tremor; für den Begriff aus der Bebenforschung siehe Vulkanischer Tremor; für den gleichnamigen Vorbis Decoder siehe Tremor (Decoder). Der Begriff Tremor (von lateinisch tremere „zittern“) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • intention tremor — n a slow tremor of the extremities that increases on attempted voluntary movement and is observed in certain diseases (as multiple sclerosis) of the nervous system * * * see tremor * * * action t …   Medical dictionary

  • Hyperkinesia — This article is about hyperkinesia, the pathologically increased muscular movement. For hyperkinesis, hyperactivity often seen in children, see Hyperkinesis. Hyperkinesia Basal ganglia and its normal pathways. This circuitry is often disrupted in …   Wikipedia

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